Pre Post Employment verification

Pre Employment Verification

Pre-Employment Verification, if done properly covering all angles, goes a long way in selecting a right person for right position. We also provide background verification services helping clients verify previous employment history of candidates, lifestyles, habits, hobbies etc.

As comprehensive detective agency for pre employment checking, we help you in verifying the prospective employees:

  • Criminal record (if any)
  • His/her medical background
  • Political affiliation
  • Family background
  • Financial status
  • Work performance
  • Attitude towards subordinates / superiors
  • Behavior profile
  • Qualification
  • Salary statements in banks / Certificates

Post Employment Verification

Similar to Pre Employment verifications, Post Employment verifications are also equally important for effective work environment. Our team has experts in handing employment verification services. Our sleuths investigate the information such as:

  • Undue usage of official infrastructure for personal purpose
  • Leaking confidential information
  • Loose talk
  • Irregular timings
  • Lack of professional behavior
  • Sexual harassment
  • Attitude
  • Ill reputation within the neighborhood

Our team of expert detectives provides post employment verification services through:

  • Doubt Clarification
  • As detective agencies for character report and verification, we provide detailed character profile of the Employee
  • Tracing Emails
  • Tracing official phones
  • Contact Checking
  • As a prominent detective agency for shadowing, we can arrange exclusive detective to shadow a targeted Person

Pre Employment Verification

It is vital for every organization to run a check on their employees before employing them. It is in the benefit of the organization to run a check on the employee before and after employing him to keep probable frauds and manipulation in control. Therefore it is important to verify the credential of all employees before employing them.


  • National Security
  • Protect Organizations Reputation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reduce Litigation Cost
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Weed out Unscrupulous Employees
  • Reduce Financial Frauds and Losses

It is not difficult for an employee to change or fabricate his resume to appear as an eligible candidate. Many a times it happens when employees delete or add additional information so as to suit better to the position they are applying for.


About 70% resumes contain one or more lies
About 57% employees increase their CTC/Salary
About 25% CVs have incorrect supporting documents
About 52% of the employees mention wrong reason of leaving
In 17% cases, discrepancies are found in work profile
About 8% employees claim higher designations in their CVs
Many degrees are added which are never been obtained
Many employees have a criminal background
Not every employee is loyal and mentions everything correctly on his resume. Therefore hiring a detective service to help you figure out which among your employees is loyal and true becomes important. LEGOSPY has been working as a detective agency since many years and have helped many organizations protect themselves from the fraudulent employees and secure the company’s reputation. We run a complete check on employees background and help you in knowing the exact eligibility, potential and current CTC so that you can employ only the best candidates for your organization. We have a team of expert detectives who work with our clients to determine the exact and right information to make hiring decisions.

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