Bank Accounts

Our financial investigation includes a comprehensive range of services to:

  • Unearth the truth in insurance frauds
  • Verify bank account information
  • Check the financial assets
Our team has rich domain experience in investigating and helping our valued customers with the cost-effective solutions. We help our individual and organizational customers to counter potential problems and prevent drawbacks caused by lack of required information. Our team helps you in cross checking the bank accounts information such as:
  • Full name of the individual / company
  • Number of registration (if any)
  • Type of operations / services
  • Registration Address
  • Operating Address
  • Details on Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Key Accounting Official
  • Details of founders
  • Bank requisites
  • Bank accounts
  • Financial indexes
  • Business reputation
  • Any other related information

Our main aim of such Bank Accounts verification service is to track, document and identify the cash flows, cash spends and money management activities of the organization.

Our team establishes connection between:

  • Money inflows
  • Cash receivables
  • Cash deposits
  • Money storage

This information can be crucial in solving civil, criminal, real estate, vehicular or corporate legal cases. The ultimate goal such service is to identify the money movement that can be primary source for many cases

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